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PNW Management Guides

Disease Management Handbook
Weed Management Handbook
Insect Management Handbook
Gardening in Washington – an indexed guide to WSU Extension resources that cover a multitude of home gardening questions.

Plant Problems

Hortsense a guide for home gardeners to identify common insects and diseases found in home gardens.  Includes cultural treatment and chemical treatment where appropriate.

Vegetable Disease Photo Gallery  a pictorial to diseases that affect common garden vegetable problems.  Provides links to detailed information about diseases along with treatments.

Insect Problems

Pestsense  information on common insect pests that “bug” homeowners or do damage to structures but do not affect plants.

Weed Identification

Weed Photo Gallery  a photo gallery of common weeds of the West along with tutorials to help in identifying weeds.

Plant Identification and Selection

The Burke Museum Herbarium a plant identification key that helps to identify many native and naturalized plants in Washington. 

Great Plant Picks  a resource for locating plants that are suitable to Western Washington.  They have been tried, tested and approved by a panel of judges at the Elisabeth Carey Miller Botanical Garden in Seattle. 

Soil Sampling

How to Collect Soil for a Soil Test a bulletin from Oregon State University that explains how to collect soil and prepare it to submit for a soil test.

Pesticide Information

The National Pesticide Information Center information on many common household and garden pesticides