Tools For Master Gardeners

List of useful resources for Master Gardeners

Tools for creating handouts, flyers, PowerPoints, etc.

If, as a WSU Extension Master Gardener, you are creating printed material for handouts or a PowerPoint presentation there are three elements that should always be included.  They are:

WSU provided templates with the official WSU Extension Master Gardener logo and colors.  Follow this link to access the templates:

For help with creating documents or PowerPoint programs or to have copies printed or to check out equipment for a program, please contact your Coordinator.

Request for Reimbursement

  1. Expenses for demonstration gardens or other Master Gardener projects must be pre-approved by the coordinator or the person in charge of that project.
  2. The receipt for the approved expenditure should be attached to a  completed Request for Reimbursement form and signed by the person in charge of the project.
  3. Turn in the completed and signed form with receipt attached to the coordinator or treasurer. 

Reimbursement Form

Volunteer Impact Report Forms (Volunteer Time Sheet)

Whenever a Master Gardeners present a program at a public workshop, a garden club, a school or any other organization, a Volunteer Impact Report should be completed and turned into the office. This information is used to compile reports for civil rights reviews, WSU reports and reports to the Lewis County Commissioners.  Copies can be printed from here or picked up at the Master Gardener office. 

Volunteer Impact Form

Donation Form

Policy and Procedures

The policies and procedures on this page are specifically for WSU Lewis County Master Gardeners.  They are reviewed and updated as needed every other year.   For questions or comments, please contact the Lewis County Master Gardener Coordinator.


Submission Guidelines

Web Links


Complete this Speaker Application form and return to the WSU Extension office each time you speak or present a program. 

WSU Master Gardener Program – state-wide Master Gardener handbooktemplates for printed material and PowerPoints, and additional information about the Master Gardener program.


Scheduler (Rotunda Volunteer Scheduler Pro) is where MGs and MRCs can sign up for volunteer opportunities and other program events and activities. This is an important tool for event planners and volunteers to know who is signed up for events and activities.

On the Scheduler sign in page (which shows “WSU Lewis County Master Gardeners” but used by MRCs, too), enter your username, which is your first initial & full last name and the password you were given via email by Rotunda. If you have forgotten your password, click “Forgot?” to reset it.

The web address for Scheduler is:

Contact the MG/MRC coordinator if you need help or review this video tutorial or Web Terminal & Mobile App Guide.